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Sensitive to our surroundings that give us so much

Our blue planet

We believe our responsibility doesn’t end with the production of good productsAt Grupo Consorcio we go much further, always with special consideration for our seas. 
We carry out different initiatives including making blood donations, collaborating with the Food Bank, and support a number of sports institutions. We implement strict environmental prevention measures in our plants, create recycling points and are governed by a policy of sustainable supply of fish. We do this because we care.

Back to the source

We know the history of each of our products from start to finish.At Grupo Consorcio we take care of the tiniest details throughout the process of our products. From our fishermen going out to sea - passing through the careful selection of the raw material - to the manual packing of the product and its placement on the shelves of more than 40 countries. Travel back to the source and discover the whole journey our products make from the sea to your table.

Sustainable fishing

We live off the sea, so how could we not care about it?Everything we catch is done so using the appropriate equipment, whilst always respecting both size and season. Grupo Consorcio is governed by a sustainable fish supply policy,
to ensure effective conservation and management of living aquatic resources.
Because this isn’t just about a company, it’s about our livelihood and
people who genuinely adore the sea.

Our producers

Together we are strongerCooperation makes us better, and at Grupo Consorcio we like to be surrounded by professionals who care about all levels of the production chain. Day by day we work with our suppliers to verify the best products are selected and delivered to our distribution points. Find out the different agents who make up part of our big family.

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Grupo Consorcio’s products can be found in over 40 countries. We are proud to export to new territories to show off the quality of our products to the entire world. This is not vanity, this is based on the conviction of a job well done over many years.

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