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Tuna - youth elixir of the ocean


Slow down the passage of time by eating tuna - filled with myriad benefits, it’s the treasure of the sea that keeps you young (yes really)!

A good diet and healthy lifestyle is a basis of everyday life for those wanting to take care of themselves and live to a ripe old age. That’s not new news! But did you know lots of people who take time to look at what they’re putting into their body often choose fish before meat, especially blue fish such as tuna, which they know to be true nutritional treasures.

For a while, Tuna has been one of the most recommended fish by dieticians for its nutritional properties and its beneficial effects on the preservation of many organs and tissues. Basically, it helps fight ageing, which is a bit of a winner for today’s savvy consumers who increasingly want tasty food with lifestyle benefits.

“Tuna contains high concentrations of selenium and antioxidants, which serve to remove free radicals, and are known to delay skin and body ageing. ”

~International Journal of Molecular Medicine 

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Lots of people are aware that oily fish such as salmon and mackerel have a high content of omega-3s (essential fatty acids that we need to consume from our diet), but other types of fish, including tuna are fantastic for this too.

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Tuna is also a VITAMIN D hero. Canned tuna packs up to 268 IU of vitamin D in a 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving, which is 34% of the Daily Values. Vitamin D acts as a hormone in bone and muscle metabolism and has loads of benefits, including increasing the absorption of calcium, protecting against cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D is good for pregnant women too, who need it to "manufacture" a good skeleton for the baby - it breaks down the popular belief among mothers and grandmothers, that "the bill for motherhood is weaker bones and teeth." And in children it is essential for a good development of bones, muscles and a healthy nervous system.

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Fear of the dangers of the sun has caused most of the world's population to have a deficiency of vitamin D, which is synthesized when we are exposed to its rays

During menopause, with the hormonal changes and the decrease in estrogens, the risk of osteoporosis is increased. Step forward again, vitamin D, because having adequate levels of it will protect you against decalcification, bone loss and fractures.

Elderly people are also advised to maintain the recommended rates as it's essential for their quality of life, especially for men over 70. Deficiency is associated with depression, Alzheimer's and cognitive impairment - issues becoming more prevalent as we are living longer.

Tuna also has a high concentration of vitamins B6, B12 and B3, which help improve digestion, combat stress and make us feel happier (tasty and happy making, what’s not to like? ). It also helps with the proper functioning of the digestive system. B3, for example, is necessary for the metabolism of food, the production of gastric juices and the secretion of bile.

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Group B vitamins are involved in the production of adrenal hormones, which regulate many processes in the body and help to adapt to stress and manage anxiety

Maintaining cognitive function, motivation and mood, while reducing the chances of Alzheimer's disease, requires a good combination of vitamins B6, B12, B3, B1 and folic acid. Alongside Alzheimer’s, studies have linked having low vitamin B12 levels to having an increased risk of vascular dementia and even Parkinson’s disease.


Tuna also has three essential minerals for health: iodine-phosphorus-magnesium. The first is related to the perfect development of the thyroid gland, and its deficiency in ancient times, was the cause of serious diseases among non-coastal populations that ate little fish (as in amount of fish, opposed to very tiny fish).

The phosphorus is responsible for the balance of calcium in our body. It does its bit in the generation and storage of energy and balances the production of acids and bases of metabolic processes (a bit of a mouthful we know). But the anti-aging action of this mineral, very present in tuna, helps to preserve memory, concentration and mood and helps the condition of bones and teeth (‘sign me up for a tuna subscription right now’ we hear you cry).

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Dieticians know of the powers of magnesium as a natural anti-inflammatory, friend of ending muscle pain and preserving bones. That’s why it should be present in the diet of anyone looking to keep their joints in shape.

ALBACORE - COLLAGEN OF THE NEW ERA (all tuna is not equal)

The Cantabrian Sea has the treasure of youth in its waters, the albacore. Gastronomically valued as the best tuna for its texture and flavour, this fish is high in healthy fats, and all the nutrients mentioned above are enhanced in it. Oh, and it’s off-the-scale tasty!

Tuna really is a true, super-trouper food and to obtain all of these glorious benefits, it is recommended you consume it just twice a week. Easy peasy. If you need any ideas for delish tuna recipes the internet is awash with recommendations, and feel free to tell us your go-to dishes - even if you haven’t moved on from the staple tuna pasta bake that got the majority of British students through Uni! 

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