The job I wish I had: Anchovy fisherman

Troubling times have made some of us rethink our careers and whether we want to sit in front of a computer 9 til 5. In our new series ‘The job I wish I had’ we spend a day with an anchovy fisherman, who shows us the special relationship between man and the sea. 

Anna Louise Dearden

Jobs that inspire

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut? A fighter pilot? An ice cream wo(man)? We might not have thought about these dreams for years, but in the current climate, people are re-evaluating their lives and making changes. Sometimes being forced to diversify because of this ‘new normal’. 

In our new series of inspirational videos and features, we’re looking at jobs that inspire; that get you out of the normal grind; that give you hope. In the first instalment we get to hop aboard a trawler and spend some time with an intrepid anchovy fisherman. The short video showcases how technological advances have helped support this noble profession whilst also being in harmony with nature (beware, if you spend hours at a desk every day, you may get job envy)!

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