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ABOUT USTogether we are stronger

A benchmark in the food sector


Unity and artisan tradition

They say that strength is born from unity, and this is how Grupo Consorcio was born.

Launched in the seaside town of Santoña (Cantabria) in 1950, our founding members based their production on fish such
as anchovy, white tuna and bluefin tuna coming from the
Bay of Biscay. Our secret lies in the excellent quality of the product and in the meticulous hand-made processing
that fully respects the artisan tradition.
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Tradition and innovation go hand in hand

Our starting point are the raw materials extracted from the sea. But what happens after landing at port? Grupo Consorcio has been committed from the outset to maintaining the essence of the produce, but without losing sight of the technological advances that enhance many aspects of the packing process, such as automated canning lines.
Tradition and modernity perfectly combined.

MISSION, VISION AND VALUESQuality, raw materials and preparation
Our commitment, your satisfaction

We offer quality products to our customers and provide value through professional, ethical and socially responsible management. We do this while providing future opportunities to the people who make it all possible.
We do this because we genuinely care.

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We export to more than 40 countries

Today Grupo Consorcio has over 200 employees distributed around the world,and are market leaders in
Spain for the sale of anchovies and Albacore tuna. We have a presence in over 40 countries,
where we remain true to our origins, tradition and quality.

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B Corp and MSC logos

We are B Corp and MSC certified

We’re pleased to be amongst the 3,000 companies worldwide recognised with the prestigious B Corp international seal for demonstrating our commitment to continuously measuring, reporting and improving activity for the benefit of society. And because sustainability is so important to us, we at Consorcio have also been awarded the MSC certificate by the Marine Stewardship Council for our ‘pole and line’ caught tuna.

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Grupo Consorcio’s products can be found in over 40 countries. We are proud to export to new territories to show off the quality of our products to the entire world. This is not vanity, this is based on the conviction of a job well done over many years.

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